!!! unbelievably great game !!!
Square It! 2 is an amazing and unique puzzle game. Simple to grasp but difficult to master. It won't tell you how old your brain is or what your IQ is but will provide some challenging entertainment (while waiting for the train, bus or sitting on the throne).
Game starts slowly with a few squares on a board, your goal is simple - to destroy them by getting them together and matching their colours. Every time you make a move new squares appear, reducing the viable space, making it more difficult to find another good match. End is inevitable but you can shine and show everyone how to play - your score will talk for you.
That's it in short. But here is a more complex game description if you have not decided yet (and pressed the download button).

The game starts on a 10 x 12 board with 3 squares. After each move three new squares are added. Your goal is to destroy as many of them as possible before the board fills up.
You'll get points by forming rectangles (at least 2 x 2 size), rows or columns (at least size of 4) which contain at least one joint colour. After each turn, new squares are added. The game ends when the board is full.
You can move one square every turn to any desired location on the board as long as you have a clear path between the square and its destination.
If you can make lines of 5 or more or rectangle 2 x 3 you'll be rewarded by a special square. When you move them, they'll destroy the whole row, column or all squares around it.

Each square can contain more then one colour. It makes this game quite unique and challenging. To remove multi-colour squares, you need to remove all the colours. If you are skilled enough, you can remove more at once. You'll also get more score points!

Keywords: game, puzzle, challenge, squares, colour lines, tiles, games, fun, colours

Music from: https://patrickdearteaga.com/arcade-music/
Sound effects from: https://99sounds.org
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