!!! unbelievably great game !!!
Square It! 2 moves original colour lines game concept to the new level. Squares instead of lines are not the only difference in this game, each tile could be made of up to four different colours. You move one tile per turn where the goal is to form the squares which shares at least one joint colour. Once a square has been formed, you will gain points for each successfully created set and matching colour will be removed from each tile. When you remove last colour part whole tile will disappear, if you are skilled enough you can remove more colours at once and get bonus points.

On each turn you select an existing colour tile, and move this piece to any desired location on the board as long as there are no obstructions in the way and that you have a clear path for that tile to travel along. Upon completing your turn, two or three tiles of a random colour will appear on the board. Set of tiles which appear in next the turn are displayed below.

You play this game until the board is full, while trying to achieve the highest score. The game will end if you can not complete your turn, because the board has become too full or you no longer have a clear path to create a square.
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