Mice Invastion
Mice Invasion brings wind of change to shooter games.

Don't trust their cute faces, these bloody mice don't give up easy.

Great game, mice in uniform looks awesome.

About the game

Mice Invasion is an action game where you have to fight army of attacking mice trying to steal everything from your farm even your underwear. Your task is to prevent them doing so at any costs. In the role of a brave tomcat, you stand behind your loyal cannon and defend the farm. Don't be mistaken it seems like an easy task but it's definitely not. There are lots of them and their muskets aim really precisely.
In a nutshell:
  • 45 levels full of action
  • 4 kinds of enemies
  • 4 + 1 kinds of ammunition
  • 3 different battlefields
  • Survival mode with online rankings
  • Challenges (can you complete them all?)
  • All this in a beautiful animated graphics inspired by the period of the Napoleonic Wars